Relief Wrap Small

SKU: GF5350


The Relief Wrap Conductive Garment is the newest in Electro-Stim Technology.  Get effective Pain Relief  for your entire back... Now easier than ever!!! 

This Conductive Back Garment comes with 4 Velcro Topped Electrodes which allow you to pin point pain target areas.  The inside of the Relief Wrap is made from a material which is susceptible to Velcro which means you can place the Velcro Topped Electrodes anywhere on the inside of the brace.  These electrodes come with pigtail wires so you can plug your TENS unit right up to it.  Simply plug your unit in and put the brace on, with the electrodes pin pointed in the pain areas.  The Relief Wrap also has a pocket on each side of it where you can put a HOT or COLD pack (not included).  There's nothing better than getting Heat Therapy while your getting pain relief from a TENS unit.  The Relief Wrap Brace helps patients place the electrodes on difficult to reach locations without assistance from others while also providing a nice stable back support.  The Velcro Electrodes are standard and will hook up to most TENS, EMS, and IF units.  If purchasing Hot/Cold Packs, please select the 5" x 10" size as one pack will fit on each side of the garment, 2 packs total.

Available in Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.

Hot / Cold Packs Sold Separately.  One pack of Velcro Electrodes are included, 2" x 2" size (4 per pack).

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